Imaginatik’s Innovation Event

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Next week on March 11th, I will be attending the event “Innovation in Changing Times: Defining the Blueprints for the Future”, organized by Imaginatik, Goodyear and Cargill. According to the organizers, the event is focused on exploring key trends that will impact many organizations and their leaders in the next years, such as changes in technology, mobility, values, economics, etc.

The two day long event is structured as a peer networking forum and will take place in Luxembourg, bringing together leaders all across Europe.

It will be an opportunity for networking and discussing issues like the emergence of the so-called ‘generational competence’, the adaptations that organizations must make in order to meet the diverse needs of the four generations in today’s workforce and marketplace, and how this creates new opportunities in the context of the cities of the future.

Also to be discussed are the changes needed in teams’ leadership to adapt organizations to global and networked environments, fruit of collaboration, to integrate aspects such a look beyond the profit. People want to contribute to the social causes that they are passionate about and that can change the world. Social business and sustainability are becoming increasingly integrated in companies and this will have impact in the way organizations innovate and how they set their priorities.

I hope to see you there and to have the chance to explain to you how we integrated social business and open innovation in our project Allfoodexperts or how collaboration between companies and Open Innovation can lead to very disruptive innovation as we found in Premium Blendhub with Smart Powder Blends.

Here is the agenda. 

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