Chemometric Brain

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Last week I was very proud of joining our incredible Beatriz Carrasco in Plataforma Tecnológica Food for Life-Spain (PTF4LS) online event where she presented the novel Chemometric Brain which in January 2020 was made available to the food industry democratizing traceability, security and prediction of global supply chains – tested and validated technology which can be adopted by start-ups, SMEs and big food and ingredients industry in 24 hours. Thanks Federación Española de Industrias de Alimentación y Bebidasainia centro tecnológico and everyone who participated.

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As part of Siemens’ goal to unveil how their technological innovations are reshaping the consumer, retail, and food and beverage industries, we were invited to present our model of multi-localized portable plants, supported by their technology, to produce closer to raw materials and final consumers. Our visionary business model, supported by Siemens’ cutting-edge technology, is helping companies from all around the world to accelerate innovation and access new markets.


Blendhub was invited by Siemens to present its Food-as-a-Service model, which sets a new standard in efficient, sustainable food production, delivering tangible benefits for the industry. Enabled by Siemens technology, this approach actively creates a circular economy, benefiting local producers and communities, the environment and long-term economic sustainability.  


In the last year Blendhub has consolidated its Food-as-a-Service project to facilitate entrepreneurship in the food sector. Through this strategy Blendhub supports SMEs, startups and industry professionals in the design, production and launch of innovative and sustainable food products anywhere in the world thanks to an extensive knowledge of the market and a global network of production hubs in 4 continents and expanding.