Food 4 Future 2023: Blendhub will present its Food-as-a-Service platform

In the last year Blendhub has consolidated its Food-as-a-Service project to facilitate entrepreneurship in the food sector. Through this strategy Blendhub supports SMEs, startups and industry professionals in the design, production and launch of innovative and sustainable food products anywhere in the world thanks to an extensive knowledge of the market and a global network of production hubs in 4 continents and expanding.

Blendhub receives World Economic Forum New Champions’ Award for Excellence in Societal Impact

Today more than a decade later, we have deployed 7 hubs on 4 continents and now expanding in close collaboration with food industry partnerships and investors interested in adding their location to the world map of this proven platform business model. This is how we became pioneers in taking localized food production from idea to reality and today accelerating a global network of multi-localized hubs.

Gulfood: new opportunities in the food industry in Middle East

Middle East is an expanding market, strategically located, and with a fast-growing population, which is generating huge growth opportunities for international food and beverage companies and investors. And it has always been one of Blendhub’s target regions.  New consumption trends are on the rise in the region, in a context of increasing consumer concern for health and […]

#Fooduristic22 “The 50 people who are leading the future of food”

What a work done by the entire KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub team in bringing a value aligned squad #together in book format and in real life, with the objective to accelerate positive #impact in the global agrifood value chain #futureoffood #sharedvalue #platforms now.   👉You can now download the report at      Follow Henrik on LinkedIn to be the first to hear […]

Henrik S. Kristensen, one of the world’s 10 most influential business leaders in 2021

Our founder and CEO has been recognized by US World’s Leaders Magazine for leading a global change in the food industry This week US World’s Leaders Magazine recognized Henrik S. Kristensen as one of the world’s 10 most influential business leaders making a difference in 2021. This is definitely a very significant support for Henrik […]

Blendhub Featured in El Economista

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Blendhub was featured in El Economista on March 3rd. Read a translated excerpt of the interview below, or find the original article by Antonio Lorenzo in Spanish here.   Technology applied to the food industry allows for a 30% reduction in costs   Few people in the world know so much about each and every link […]

Sustainable Food System

At Blendhub, we imagine a sustainable food system where every single recipe with corresponding ingredients selected by individual consumers could be delivered in less than 2 hours to your home, anywhere in the world ? This post was originally published on Henrik Stamn Kristensen’s LinkedIn profile. Follow Henrik to be the first to hear from him.   

Blendhub Featured in Entrepreneur Spain Magazine

Blendhub was featured in Entrepreneur Spain Magazine, Emprendedores, on November 09. Read a translated excerpt of the interview below, or find the original article by David Ramos in Spanish here.   This Company Has the Remedy Against World Hunger   We live in an affluent society, but there are still almost 800 million hungry people in the […]