Are you a visionary agrifood professional? The BPN network day in Mumbai is a “must” in your calendar

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Today the digital world offers new possibilities of connectivity and networking, opening up new corporate business relationships and partnerships. Transparent and value aligned interactions with young talents and mature networkers are possible as well as multiple working formats. More and more professionals prefer to work as freelancers or flexiworkers rather than regular corporate employment, creating value for the companies they collaborate with and for themselves. Parallel to this market situation, new possibilities are being unlocked in the growing processed food and food ingredients markets. And this is no longer just an opportunity for the global food and ingredients producers but also for independent professionals or food technologists and visionary start-ups, and strong local producers and brands wanting to extend their market coverage.

Blendhub wants to become the preferred global food powder service provider or partner for farmers, raw material producers, blenders, food producers, distributers or even to specific consumer groups, upstream and downstream in the value chain by being open and transparent. For all of them, we offer not only an innovative business model for “Food Powder Blends Anywhere” – in the value chain and the world – based on our Portable Powder Blending (PPB) factory, supported by a complete full-service platform; but also a professional network composed of professionals from all over the world who share our vision of making food accessible to more people in more places and want to create joint business opportunities along the agri-food value chain with us. The members of our Blendhub Professional Network (BPN) are stakeholders either contributing specific know-how, superior technology or a solid and valuable industry network, and we articulate our relationship with them under a contract base including both parts contributions.

For those interested in collaborating with us and becoming part of BPN, we are organizing an event in Mumbai, India, 28th June, 2016. It is aimed at:

  • Freelance/independent formulators. Our model allows them to deliver their recipes and technical indications for producing a food product as a ready-to-use-formulation increasing its market value. Additionally, we help them go from a consultancy fee to a steady income based on their know-how and networking capacity to a steady income, moving up the value chain.
  • Foreign companies interested in entering the Indian market. We can provide them the know-how and facilities to easily achieve it without CAPEX/OPEX through our current and future facilities in India. Our company Premium Ingredients Food Services India has been producing in this country for years using one of our portable factories delivering the products to the Middle East. In the upcoming months, we will set up a new PPB factory producing and delivering blends to the domestic market.
  • Local food entrepreneurs/producers. We can create mutual business opportunities with Indian companies interested in collaborating with an international partner that can offer them high quality food powder blends, with liquid injection, produced in India, using local raw materials, local workforce and generating local value; complying with international standards and for being delivered to both global and domestic markets.

BPN is a global movement aimed at changing how food is produced today, moving from a static to a portable model, creating higher value for all the agrifood stakeholders and final consumer and improving access to food and reducing its final prizes.

If you think our proposal may fit you, attend our III Blendhub Professional Event. Contact Peter Olsen, our Corporate Host ( to request more information and an invitation for the event.

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