Let’s continue creating value together in 2022

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

We face a new year still with our lives and our professional activity limited by the pandemic and in a difficult economic context, with rising energy and raw material prices that are conditioning the recovery in many sectors.

And yet, at Blendhub, we can be satisfied with the results achieved in the past year, confident about what is to come and optimistic about the future. Our clients and partners can feel reassured, since our service model through a multi-localized platform has proven to be resilient, flexible and efficient to face crisis, enabling us to continue providing optimal services and meeting our business objectives in 2021 despite a difficult economic context.

In the past year, we continued helping SMEs, startups, but also large multinationals that rely on our know-how and experience, to innovate, to tackle new markets and to create more efficient and sustainable supply chains thanks to our service model with three pillars: infrastructure-as-a-service through our network of multi-localized production hubs on four continents; food-as-a-service and digitization of quality and supply chains.

In addition, we reinforced our platform model through partnerships with people and organizations that share our vision and values and are strategic to continue changing the game in the global food production system. In 2021 we have signed collaboration agreements that are already delivering benefits: With eKutir in India for a project to create value and traceability in the Ragi supply chain, contributing to the local development of this crop and to produce more nutritious and sustainable food; with the international consulting firm Qina to create together an ecosystem for the development of personalized products aimed at both the food and pharmaceutical industries; and with the international NGO Feed a Billion, with whom we have launched the Nourishe project to supply nutritious food to developing girls in communities in need.

On the other hand, we intensified our presence in international events that helped us increase visibility and impact: at the Food 4 Future tradeshow in Bilbao in June, Blendhub won the award to the best sustainability initiative in the food industry; at the Future Food Forum in Dubai in October, I had the opportunity to explain Blendhub’s model to hundreds of international industry leaders and the Government of the United Arab Emirates; at Ftalks, the Km Zero Hub initiative, we achieved significant impact and contacts for the business…

In all these events we positioned as what we are, a technological platform at the forefront of the food industry.

This was supported by our Virtual Reality project, which we launched this year together with Marcus Shingles. This is a very powerful marketing tool that helped us show our stakeholders and potential customers what we can reach and do for them.

It has been an intense and successful year, but we want more. In 2022, we will focus on expanding our network of hubs; we will continue developing our food-as-a-service model and expanding our open platform to all industry operators interested in sharing value and knowledge.

We are nonconformists and ambitious to achieve our purpose of producing in a more efficient, safe and sustainable way and making healthy and nutritious food available to more people in more places. And this is only possible by collaborating through a platform of services open to the participation of those professionals and companies that share values and ideas with us to create value for society.

I wish you and your loved ones health, happiness and success in the new year.

Henrik S. Kristensen

Founder and Chief Moonshot Officer at Blendhub

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