Formulators: What do consumers demand? Transparency and local products

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Recent studies about final food consumers’ preferences reiterate an increasing interest in locally produced products and transparency. Going downstream the food value chain, it is clearly contradicting the way in which companies producing and delivering food formulations and blends have been operating for the last fifty years. Raw materials and food powders are needlessly shipped across the world while formulators are asked to create exclusive formulations delivered under black boxes.

We, at Blendhub, believe that the time for change is now while companies still have the financial resources to change assertively in a world that is becoming more transparent due to digitization.

For that, we’ve opened the way leading a Food Powder Blends category into being transparent and offering our customers to improve their business “Anywhere”, using local and/or imported raw materials, operated by local people and locally financed, all delivered and packaged fulfilling highest food safety, lower cost and without financial or operational risk thanks to our full-service platform.

We believe that transparency is trust and that time for opacity and black boxes is over. Therefore, we have created our transparent platform. We can formulate for our customers, we can produce our custumers’ formulation, and we can host others ́ formulation on our full-service platform, using our modular and portable powder blending factory to also produce locally where food is needed.

Nowadays, many new start-up food producers are emerging and some of them even offer their formulations completely transparent. These new food formulations are produced by so-called “subcontractors”, companies that already have a factory where they produce their own IP protected formulations, or where some people have invested in some basic production capabilities that are just sufficient to support standard food product formulations. Normally, these subcontractors have no further access to understanding the food formulations behind the product they produce and exclusively support their industrial evaluation and implementation. Therefore, they are only invoicing a very basic service fee.

On the other hand, at Blendhub we believe that during the next three to five years most of the industrial food formulations will become completely transparent and accessible online. Industrial formulators and formulations will no longer be in the hands of some few food producers but actually available as we know from normal “kitchen recipes”.

The formulators will be promoting their own formulations on the Internet and will be contracted by any food producer during shorter or longer periods of time and various parts of the world to formulate but also to validate their formulations in the food producers machinery or equipment.

Therefore, food formulations will be available to anybody, anywhere and want to help this new model and these new service providers to emerge to facilitate access to more transparently and locally produced food to more people, in more places.

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