Get introduced to a novel agrifood ecosystem where “out-sourcing” is becoming key to satisfy individual consumer demands ANYWHERE

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

In a complex and fast-changing world where branded food companies are facing an increasing need to access local markets and respond to very specific consumer demands with new products, the area of operations is turning into a short term decisive factor for success.

For most C-level managers, this situation calls for improving the traditional supply based factories to more flexible demand driven “delivery platforms” forcing them and their teams to scout for new technologies and ventures outside their own organizations and traditional suppliers. Today, the main business objective for organizations is to find partners who allow them to release non-strategic tasks and concentrate their efforts on their core competencies and brand.

In the agri-food industry, a large number of consultants and freelancers, with a solid background and years of experience, are offering their knowledge to the different stakeholders along the value chain. A valuable “out-sourcing” resource.

Since our beginning in 1997, Blendhub has been connecting with this talent in Spain and beyond. Based on our own fantastic experiences with so many people during these years, we decided to offer our extensive network of friends and collaborators the opportunity to gain global visibility through a novel agrifood ecosystem. An ecosystem where, on the other hand, other companies, entrepreneurs and industry stakeholders can also benefit from their specialist know-how to gain competitive advantage and ensure a sustainable business model ANYWHERE.

In Blendhub Corp, we believe that strong ecosystems are the right tool to meet the demand for the increasing “out-sourcing” needs. They provide a new and efficient way of going forward, conceptualizing external knowledge providers not just as employees or suppliers, but as complementary and respected partners or collaborators who contribute to deliver better, faster and more affordable solutions to the final consumer.

The Blendhub’s ecosystem is based on different levels of commitment offering multiple opportunities of collaboration to create mutual business opportunities. On one side, it includes the Blendhub Professional Network, BPN, for people who have a valuable network themselves, believe what we believe, and are ready to create shared value with us. On the other side, it gives access to allfoodexperts®, an independent community of professionals and an open innovation platform aimed at anybody interested in launching challenges or offering solutions. This is an out-sourcing solution available for the whole agri-food industry, including the final consumers.

Whereas allfoodexperts® members are freelancers who help us and other agrifood companies or challengers solve specific problems or innovate, the members of BPN are our strategic collaborators. They want to create shared value with us around our value proposition “Food powder blends ANYWHERE”, sharing our vision of offering a safer and more just access to food products for more people in more places.


Join us in Dubai

Are you interested in serving a new product to a specific consumer group or in entering into a new market? Do you want to reformulate or solve a process challenge? Do you want to optimize your supply chain or are you looking for external know-how?

We encourage you to look for solutions using the power of ecosystems.

See it for yourself attending our upcoming IV Professional Network Day event in Dubai, next November 8th, coinciding with Gulfood.

Contact Peter Olsen, one of the leaders of our ecosystem, to request your invitation at and get introduced to a model of outsourcing which allows you to create new opportunities, results and shared value in the agri-food sector.

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